My Virtual Boyfriend - One True Love App Reviews

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Very cool

Im in love <3

Great design with a lot of lovely little details! I am playing since a couple of hours and my real boyfriend already gets jealous :)


Its really fun trying to win this boys heart, I love the game.


This game is ok. Kinda fun at the beginning, but gets repetitive soon. And there are only 20 levels? There r no more activities unlocked after that. Thats kinda disappointing. And I wish the guy will speak English.... Not some gibberish. And there should be more interaction.


Great app really fun and get the full version can freeze sometimes but besides that I iyth

Next update

Just got game. And says we been dating 11 days? After 2 minute game play. I also would like him to speak English. Maybe put his langauge in info. You meaning the player should also be able to talk to him Thanks


App is cute and hilarious. definitely a really funny pastime.

This Game Is Actually Hilarious!

Besides the fact that i broke up with the best man that will ever be and now i keep getting dumped this game is too fun! Good to pass the time!


The game itself is fun but the fact that it freezes every two seconds and then crashes is not!!!! Fit it now!!

Good game

Great game. No problems for me but a suggestion. Make more virtual games. Such as a virtual bestfriend

I love it!

I love it but I wish he could talk my language and more levels and for get intamint I keep getting a wedding type response

Its funny!

I like this game! But I wish one could write something and then BF would respond! Also more saying not always repeating the same things!

Virtual bf!!!

Its funny but Id like to be able to speak as well. And here him speak English!!!!

Awesome game

I love this game so much I would recommend it to anyone but if we were able to talk to our boyfriends or like type something to them that would be gr8!

Guys do not speak English

Guys do not speak a word of english

Its fun

I love this game but I wish it had more levels. You should be able to get married and have children!

Its okay

They dont speak English and it needs more levels


I really like this game but I think that if the guys talked English and there were more levels then it would be even more enjoyable.


Alot of the virtual men on there r sexy, i have th full version,so its much better.what i would reccomend to the makers of this app is to keep the levels going and achivents fir each level. I dont like how the levels stop at 20 and u dont get anymore achivements for levels after,is wht im trying to say.otherewise..i love this app!

My virtual boyfriend

Its hilarious

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